Saturday, June 02, 2012

concepts and dragons and mechs

This post is gonna be all about 2D. Me and a few friends decided to re-open our old sketch blog. Which is pretty much art jams we do in our spare time.
At the moment all artists are welcome to join. The More the merrier

So the first jam is based on story and to basically sketch out something based on that storyline and the characters. The 2nd Jam is pretty much the same concept but different story and characters. But somehow sub consciously while drawing, i made a connection between the two different story.
So because of that i drew the 3rd picture with the dragon in it.

Lastly the mech is just a random concept. i just wanted to make a mech haha ..
I have been thinking of making a 3D mech, just don't have a clear concept for it right now.

Story : The girl is going through a time portal to save her grandfather.

Story: An agent who was suppose to get intel on some secret weapon from a enemy base was caught and 2 mercenaries chased after him.
This one is the merge between the two story line, where the girl warps through time to save the dude.
Originally this wasn't the idea, but somehow kind of connected haha..

 Mech concept, with two power shields.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Firebird with textures

Finished up my Firebird. The textures are 2048, and i used xoliul shader 2 to see my model in real time. There are a few things i want to test but i guess for now i am calling this done.
Tri count : 4,465

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beast zbrush scuplt

Another sculpt done in zbrush to learn and experiment with brushes. The dynamesh feature works really well and makes sculpting more fun =)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

zbrush headbust

Just playing around in zbrush and testing out dynamesh , insert brushes etc. I wanted to do some character modeling, so here is the result. I guess sort of inspired by the game "orcs must die" .